Olga Suvorova


Born in Leningrad in 1966. Olga Suvorova is the daughter of the Honored Artist of RSFSR Igor Suvorov. She is the representative of the dynasty of Suvorov artists, which includes the three generations of St Petersburg artists:  Olga’s father, Igor Suvorov, Natalia and Olga’s daughter - Ekaterina. 
In 1998 Olga Suvorova graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin, the workshop of A. Mylnikov.
Olga Suvorova has formed her authentic style of painting – historical costume portraits of personages in the style of various periods, such as the Renaissance and Rococo. Her work is reminiscent of the popular in the 20th century Saint Petersburg artistic movement ‘Mir Iskusstva’ (‘The World of Arts’) which was inspired with the art and culture of the 18th century.
The artist constantly participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Her works are found in private collections in England, America, Germany, China, Russia and other countries. 

Main exhibitions:


  • 1990 - Hamburg, Germany.
  • 1990 - an exhibition at the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin.
  • 1992 - 2007 – the annual Chelsea Art Fair, London.
  • 1992-2013 – the annual spring and autumn exhibitions at the Artist’s Union in Saint Petersburg.
  • 1994 – an exhibition at The Alberti Gallery in London.
  • 1994-1995 - London Contemporary Art Fair at the Business Design Center, London.
  • 1996 - personal exhibition "BAT", England.
  • 2003-2013 - Annual Fair Holland Group Exhibitions, the Netherlands.
  • 2005 - participated in the exhibition of The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, London.
  • 2007 - group exhibition ‘Polyrealism’ at the Brodsky Museum, Saint Petersburg.
  • 2009 - exhibition at the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg.
  • 2014 - group exhibition ‘Dreams and Metaphors’ at the gallery ARTSEVERINA, Rimini, Italy.
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